7 Tips To Keep Your Conversation Alive With Russian Women

One major struggle of people who have recently started dating is how to keep a conversation alive and going. Its a challenge to keep discussions flowing because nobody wants awkward silences. Maintaining a conversation is an important aspect of dating because having active communication strengthens a relationship. Fortunately, there are techniques you can keep in mind to keep your interaction with the other person alive . Asking them a good question and being a good listener prove that you are interested in the conversation. Here are 7 tips you need to know to keep your conversation with a Russian woman alive.

Talk about topics that you think the other person cares about

Generally speaking, people like to talk about themselves and what they like to do. They like to talk about their interests and hobbies. Sticking to these topics will keep the conversation rolling, and youll get to know the other person better.

A reminder before meeting up with your date is to think up of 3 topics you can talk about when all else fails. It can be about your recent travel, a fun work event, or an interesting story your friend told you. Another topic you can discuss can be about their school or work, their passion, and their family.

Ask open-ended questions

There are types of questions that can be answered with more than just a yes and no. These are the kinds you should ask so that the conversation would not be stifled by one answer. Allow the other person to elaborate on their answer and listen attentively to show that you are interested. If, however, you do ask a yes or no question, you can recover from the dead end by saying tell me more about it.

Be an active listener

Listening is just as important as talking in keeping a conversation going. Being an active listener will give you the opportunity to learn more about the other persons perspective as you hear more about her story. Always listen and wait until she has finished talking before you speak up. Learn not to interrupt her in the middle of a sentence. If you have a misunderstanding, you can always ask for clarification.

Have a sense of humor

Making your date laugh will dissolve the awkwardness between you two if there is any. Humor is one of the best ways to keep the conversation alive. Having inside jokes will also strengthen your bond with the other person. Just to be clear, you dont have to make jokes every time to make them laugh. A little bit of sarcasm with good timing or a witty response can sometimes be enough.

Face the person you are talking to and make eye contact

A good conversation involves interaction and connection between both people. This connection cannot be achieved without facing your date and looking into her eyes. Body language is as important as words. Keep regular eye contact to keep the conversation going.

Call out any awkwardness

Conversations tend to reach a dead end at times. Sometimes, it cannot be avoided. The best thing to do about it is calling it out and moving forward. Dont pretend that the discomfort is there, it may just push the other person away. If you have said something to offend the other person, say something about it and apologize. Dont act like it didnt happen. Call it out, talk it out, and breath.

Encourage her to keep speaking

Listeners dont sit and stare at the person who is doing the talking. A conversation is a two-way street. It is giving and taking. Engage with each other but dont interrupt. Encourage her to talk more by being engrossed in the topic and ask questions if you have any.

Having good conversations is the road to a successful dating life. If you are not skilled in this regard, follow the tips mentioned above to guide you. Dont forget to be yourself. Russian women love real men.