The Benefits And Challenges Of A Mixed-aged Preschool

The multi-age system in a school with mixed-aged classrooms in Eatontown, New Jersey includes preschools. This school accepts children ranging from three and up.

Studies show that mixed aged classrooms or composite classrooms benefit both older and younger students. This educational system proves to be efficient especially for children in preschool.

It is mainly because mixed-aged classrooms resemble a family-like environment where preschool children can feel at home while they learn. This is only one of the many benefits that you can get if you enroll your child in a multi-age preschool.

Advantages of a Mixed Age Preschool

– Builds up Your Childs Social and Personal Development

Enrolling your kid in a preschool where he or she can interact with children from different ages can develop your childs social and personal development. Children and teachers communicate through free-choice activities, conversation, and class meeting. In such activities, children of all ages can participate. This is how your child can develop social skills necessary for the development of a positive personality.

Kids are encouraged to discover and explore the world hand in hand with their classmates and teachers. All the while, they are expected to follow and o learn classroom routines and rules. They also receive assistance in the development of positive conflict resolution skills.

– Learning in a Language-rich Environment

When your preschool child walks into the doors of a composite classroom, he or she will be surrounded by a language-rich environment. Studying with classmates of all ages allows your child to take in varying levels of language competency.

Books are also used to bolsters your kids communication skills. With fiction or non-fiction books, children can upgrade their reading, writing, and speaking skills. Teachers in composite classrooms know how to handle children in different stages. That is why they can provide the appropriate experiences and materials to support your childs development. It also enables your child to experience advance lessons.

– Encourages Scientific and Mathematical Thinking

Preschool children in mixed age classes are given a chance to experience and explore varying levels of mathematical and scientific lessons. This develops their mathematical and scientific skills. Here, engaging materials for sorting, counting, building, exploring, measuring, and patterning are available for children of all ages.

In a mixed-age preschool, segregation and limitation are destroyed. Younger kids can play and learn with safe educational toys that are unavailable for their age in a same-grade preschool, while the older boys and girls can enjoy playing and relearning lessons from materials meant for younger generations.

– Dramatic and Comprehensive Play Areas

Mixed age preschool classroom features comprehensive and dramatic playing materials and areas. These allow your child to explore worlds through imaginative play while he or she interacts with younger or older kids.

In such way, your child can easily develop a wholehearted personality and learn the importance of sharing. From clothes to props that encourages learning, your kid can use play areas and educational materials to understand peers better.

The Main Challenge Faced by Mixed Age Preschool

Even though many teachers agree with the system and philosophies of mixed age preschool, some are still skeptical about the multi-age system. This is because there are difficulties in the operation and the implementation of the program. The following are the challenges faced by multi-age preschools.

– Rejection and Dissatisfaction by Parents

The idea of enrolling a child with kids from different races and age raises concerns from parents. They question the quality of education that will be instructed to their child.

Guardians of older children tend to think that their child will learn from a low standard education, while the parents of younger kids worry about high standards that will be thrown to their child.

– Teachers are Faced with Challenges

There are only a few educators who are admitted in mixed age schools. This is because most lacked the preparedness and training that a teacher for multi-age school must possess. That is why these few are the elites and the best of the best. Most of these teachers are highly experienced in the field of education. So, you must not worry about the standard of learning that your child will experience in a mixed age preschool.

These parents brood over the effects of educational standards that their child will experience. They think that their kid might be challenged and eventually lose confidence.

Often guardians that are involved in their childs school life are the people who prefer and promotes multi-age preschools, while parents who drop off their kids in a nursery class and proceed to their work are the ones who will likely reject the importance of mixed age preschools.

If youre unsure about enrolling your beloved child in a mixed age preschool, you can observe first the philosophies, strategies, and quality of education that the multi-age system can offer. Composite classrooms can provide your preschool child the experience of having a family-like environment while learning things proper or advanced for his age. This educational system will provide your kid the abilities, skills, values, and knowledge that the graded system cannot offer.