Your Checklist For Finding The Right Chula Vista Preschool

Early childhood education at a San Diego preschool may just be regarded as playtime in passing. Sadly, preschool education does not receive as much high regard unlike primary, secondary and tertiary education.

This may have caused some of you to think that you can settle for a cheaper preschool program for your child, since you will be spending more on your childs succeeding educational levels anyway.

Note, however, that preschool is the first step in a childs academic life. It is just as valuable as the higher educational levels. It has advantages such as:

– Enhancing cognitive development

– Taming of behavior

– Promoting socialization

Children who go to preschool are taught early on the processes of listening, understanding, learning, thinking and remembering. These cognitive skills are crucial for children to do well in school.

The behavior of kids is also monitored and tamed in preschool. It is better to control tantrums as early as possible. It is also beneficial for kids to know what is right and wrong at an early age.

The social skills of children are also enhanced when they are in preschool because they interact with different types of people. These include their classmates, school staff, teachers, parents of classmates and school administrators.

A preschool education will change a childs life forever. The impact of preschool education is strong that is why you should not scrimp on your childs first school.

Scrutinizing a Chula Vista Preschool Program

Do preliminary research and make a shortlist of your preferred preschools. It is recommended to do extensive research, both online and on paper, on your preferred schools. Do interviews to support your research as well.

It is better to complete a research on one school before moving on to your other options. Here is a brief checklist of what to look for in a school:

– License to operate

– School staffs credentials and licensing

– Safety of equipment and sanitation of facilities

– Reputation of the school

– Curriculum of the school

– Implementation of rules and regulations

Looking out for these things may become a tedious task for you. However, at the end of the day, you will be thankful that you went through all the trouble to research about your childs preschool.

Regulating Child Care in San Diego

The first thing to look for is the schools license to operate. Has it been renewed for the current school year? If not, consider other schools with a license.

If your preferred school has a license, you may check its validity with the San Diego City government. The license to operate also covers clearances for health and safety. This ensures that facilities and equipment in the school are not hazardous to both children and adults.

Schools must abide by sanitary and safety rules, such as keeping the premises clean at all times, having a first-aid kid, installing smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and mounting bars on windows and stair handrails.

The licensing of teachers is another thing. Preschool teachers must have obtained their licenses to teach after completing their education and training. It helps if the licenses, credentials and achievements of teachers and administrators are made known.

You may also want to ask about the schools other credentials, such as awards received, certifications and accreditations. Just make sure to double check their legitimacy.

Selecting Among the Best Preschools in San Diego

A San Diego preschool with a superior reputation is almost always a good choice. You just need to verify the positive feedback found in websites, forums and social media accounts.

You may hold interviews with friends who have children enrolled in the school. You can also visit the school and talk to the parents there. You can also go on a school tour and observe.

Pay close attention to the curriculum. If it is not available online, you may request for it from the school administration. The curriculum needs to strike a balance between academics and play time.

A preschool should hold frequent story times plus moments for arts and crafts. It should also allot loads of time for physical activities. It must have individual activities and group events to stimulate socialization.

Finally, a reputable preschool should implement its rules and regulations. It should have strict security measures to filter visitors, and a policy to keep a sick person, whether a teacher or a student, away from the youngsters.

Should your preferred preschool fulfill all the items on the checklist, then you are good to go. With the many benefits of early childhood education, you should really consider sending your child to a top preschool in Chula Vista. Check out the video below for more info on how to pick a preschool program:


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