Failproof Online Dating Tips For Men

Ive been getting a slew of requests to follow up with my online dating Tips for Men article series in the past, so being the dutiful dating instructor and aspiring-prolific blogger that I am, its time to deliver the goods.

Here are 3 paramount online dating tips on how to get more girls without leaving your house, and with minimal effort. Yes, I will supply only easy, effective and powerful solutions for you. Methods I personally employ until this day. Even if approaching women online is not in your avenue of interests, you might as well give it a shot since itll barely take up much of your precious time and brainpower.

Plus, you never know who you may find online, or who may just find you.

1. Getting some high-quality photos: Double-check that your main display photo is high quality, visible, and not grainy or blurry. For one, quality photos immediately sub-communicate greater standards. You often get a positive response with a clear shot.

This may sound obvious, but many people forget: Make sure you can actually be identified. When it comes to personal profile pictures, its no time to play Mr. Mysterious. No one wants to guess how you look like. How would respond if you stumbled upon a random girls page, and shes got a photo of a chair to represent herself? Ambiguity doesnt sell. Do not leave how you look up to their imagination.

If you know someone with a decent digital camera most cameras are 5 megapixels up nowadays get them to take some photos for you. Try to avoid mobile camera snaps if you can. Save those for the mobile photo albums.

Another profile photo tip is to make sure youre looking good. Smile at the very least. You want a woman to check you out for at least 2-3 seconds, not a half-second glance over. Just ask yourself how you would respond if you saw yourself.

Dont try to act all slick and cool unless your social status supports it. Appear congruent with who you are in character. Mike Tyson for example, would only look awkward if we catch him with a cheeky smile for his Facebook photo.

2. Social Proof: Just as you should cultivate your social value in real life, social proof works wonders in stirring attraction in online dating . The most often abused yet effective method is to have an army of friends on your social network. However, theres one caveat to this method: Make sure theres regular interaction with your friends on your wall. You dont want her to suspect you of adding people without having any real connection to them.

Another easy way to amp up your social value is to upload photos featuring you and your friends, preferably mix in both male and female. Dont forget photos youve taken with your family. Women all want a family-guy. Most importantly, you must make sure youre having a good time. When youve got photos capturing your moments of fun, she will associate you with fun, and opens the possibility for her to expect fun when hanging out with you. Keep those photos of you looking emo and lonely at bay.

3. Biography Juice: This is the only exception to leaving something up to their imagination. Do not lay out your life story. Keep it short and sweet. Make every sentence count. Every line should hold weight, and let your personality shine through. When it comes to online dating, your biography section should indirectly communicate that youre someone with something going on in his life. Talk about three respectable and exciting things that you do. 2-3 paragraphs will suffice.

The opener must be attention-grabbing, and block your paragraphs. Keep it easy on the eyes. Again, omit anything dull or boring about yourself. If you dread going to work, keep that between you and your dog.

When your whole paragraph evokes a strong and warm emotional response, thats when youll have a chance with meeting her in person. You want to leave a positive lasting impression. Your biography space is essentially your window of opportunity to showcase your identity in a positive light.