Igniting Romance in Marriage

When two people get married that is not end of romance rather it is the beginning. For marriage to last it must never lose its spark. The couple needs to go out on dates, have movie nights and even surprise each. Marriage just tells the world that the two of you are together but you are still a dating couple. So how can you ensure that you and your spouse remain romantic?

Friendship is the Key

Keeping love and romance alive in your marriage doesn’t have to depend on going on cruises or weekend getaways. Couples who still “feel the glow” in their marriage are those, who on a daily basis, have nurtured the friendship that is the basis of all happy marriages.

“The determining factor in whether wives feel satisfied with the sex, romance and passion in their marriage is, by 70 percent, the quality of the couple’s friendship. For men, the determining factor is, by 70 percent, the quality of the couple’s friendship. So men and women come from the same planet after all.”

Sourced from: http://strongermarriage.org/married/keep-the-glow-going-in-your-marriage

Romance can easily fade away and that is why you need to keep on adding wood to its fuel. Everyone has a role to play. The husband should know how to romance his wife and romance does not necessarily mean sex. Get to know your wife’s love language, take her on dates and hit the gym if you want to see her go curvy.

1.Learn her love language, and then use it every day.

Read The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman and figure out what you can do to become fluent in your wife’s love language. Then use what you have learned every day.

2. Date your wife.

If you asked her out again today, would she still be excited to say yes? You must have been pretty good at this at one time or she wouldn’t have married you! So why stop now? One date a month at a minimum. Use your imagination, get creative, and make it special.

3. Take care of yourself.

Check the scales, think about how you dress around your wife, throw away the cigarettes, start some regular exercise, don’t be a slob. When she sees you, does she take a second look – or does she look away? Does the way you present yourself tell your wife you want her to be attracted to you or do you take all that for granted?

Sourced from: http://www.allprodad.com/10-ways-to-romance-your-wife/

Men might not love to romance but that does not mean they do not want the little efforts they make unreciprocated. They will always be thinking about never ending sex, its how they are wired but you can give him more than just great physical passion.

1. Dress Up for Him

A long, long time ago, your husband bought you some lingerie. Remember? You wore it once or twice, then stuffed it deep in the back of a drawer. Well, the time has come to dig it out. “Consider dressing for his tastes and not just yours once in a while,” says Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., author of Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know. “Take him shopping and have him choose outfits he would like to see you in or some lingerie he finds sexy.”

2. Touch Him All Over, All the Time

I’m not talking about sex, and I’m not talking about massage — just plain old run-of-the-mill touching. Whether you’re playing footsie under the table or placing a hand on our shoulders while scooting behind our chairs, men find the touch of the woman they love unbelievably reassuring. In our treasured nonverbal language, it translates as: “I accept you…I love you…We’re a team.”

Again, this doesn’t have to lead to anything but if it does, so much the better. “Learn to love and appreciate all of your man’s body,” says De Angelis. “This will give you time to become more aroused and make him feel like you love every part of him.” In other words, let your fingers do the talking.

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