Moving Forward With Inspiration And Laughter

When I feel lonely or depressed I spend time on YouTube. I can always find videos that make me laugh or inspire. Sometimes that is exactly what I need, hope for tomorrow that there are better days ahead.

One of my favorite type of videos to watch are from lectures and workshops from famous or well-known leaders in the self-growth field. Tony Robbins has been around a long time and there are many people on YouTube that upload various clips of his workshops. I like when he works with other people, and even though their problems are not mine, I still get inspiration and something out of watching him help a stranger.

For inspiration and a glimpse into what is meant to be, I go to the astrology channels. Sometimes I listen to the daily horoscopes, other times the weekly forecast and always check out the monthly astrology. I am inspired by the uplifting forecast especially when the astrologer explains that the astrology is like a weather forecast. When you know what is going on you can be prepared to make the best use of that time.

The other types of channels that I like are about meditation. Some of these are music that put you in the mood to relax and not worry. Others have guided meditations that I close my eyes to and follow. Then there are videos that have wild geometric graphics with music and put the brain in a meditative state by following the visual along with the music.

Then there are YouTube channels with well-known spiritual teachers, some of the teachers are still alive today and other channels are from devotees that have archives of either audio clips of lectures or videos from times in the past. What I get out of these programs, whether they happened last week or decades ago, the spiritual wisdom teachings from 30 years ago are still relevant today. One of my favorite channels is the Dalai Lama; sometimes there is even live stream when he is giving a program. It would be impossible for me to be physically present but YouTube makes it possible for me to be there even when I am not.

Everyone is different and has a different view on what makes them happy. However we all want to be happy, that is a common human emotion. When you need a little inspiration my suggestion is to check out a few channels on YouTube and find an expert on a topic that motivates you to be your best.